Create a File from Clio (Video)

NOTE: You must enable and configure the Clio Integration before you can create a new file from Clio.

  1. Click ‘Estates’ from the top menu to land on the Estates list.

  2. To create a new file, select Add New Estate.

  3. When system displays prompt Choose a way to start, select Import from Clio and click Start.

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    Pictured: form with two options: Import from Clio, and Start From Scratch
  4. The Select Matter modal will appear. You can locate the Clio case you wish to import data from by using the Search field to enter a Clio file number or name.

    Otherwise, use the arrows in the bottom right to navigate to the various pages and find the case you wish to import.

  5. Click Select once you've located the desired case.

  6. In the Manage Data to Import modal, select which the contacts you wish to import to Estateably.

    For each contact, use their respective drop-down field to select from the following options:
    • Don’t import: the contact will not be copied into the Estateably case
    • Beneficiary: the contact will be added as a Beneficiary in Estateably
    • Executor: the contact will be added as an Executor in Estateably

      TIP: If the list of contacts is lengthy and you don’t need to import all contacts into Estateably, use the Search field to easily find the contact(s) you need.

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      Pictured: Image with two contacts. The first contact has "Beneficiary" selected from its dropdown list. The second contact has "Don't import" selected. Below, there is a checkbox labelled "Import Intake Information". The box is checked off.
  7. Ensure the Import Intake Information option is selected to import other matter details that have been mapped from Clio to Estateably, and click Continue.

  8. The system then loads the standard case creation modals, starting with Select Jurisdiction. The location details are populated based on the selected Clio case’s location information. Refer to the Add a New File training video for help with completing the case creation process.

  9. Once you confirm the case details and create the new case, you will be able to nsee any Clio details mapped to Estateably fields in the Overview, Intake and Contact sections.

NOTE: Creating an Estateably case from a Clio matter does not link or synchronize data between the two applications. This is a one-time copy of information to eliminate redundant data entry.

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