What changes are going into effect on October 2, 2023? 

  • Probate-only files will increase to $129 per file
  • New estate accounting files will renew for $99 annually
    • Existing accounting files will not be subject to renewals
    • If your file is no longer active, it will not be subject to renewal
  • The introduction of organization plans to support the delivery of quality features, new integrations and products all with the same caliber of support, to assist you and your practice.

Is there a plan where I can pay per file with no subscription? 

Yes, there will always be a pay-per-use plan. This plan will be available for any organization with 5 or fewer users and will provide you access to 1 probate province or state and 100 client vault records.

Will accounting files opened before October 2 become subscriptions?

No, Any accounting file opened before October 2 will not be subject to renewals. However, you will always be able to archive any new matters to avoid the renewal fee.

Will I be charged per user? 

No, each plan has a set number of users included with the monthly subscription fee. Organizations on the Advanced and Enterprise plans will not have a user limit.

What do the Organization Plans include and how much do they cost?

Your organization’s plan will depend on how many users you need and the jurisdictions you practice in, as well as only paying for the products you want access to. More information about organization plans can be found in the image below.


Why are you changing prices? 

Increasing our prices allows us to continue innovating and delivering quality features for our products, with the same caliber of support, to assist you with all your estate and accounting matters. Additionally, the organization plans to accommodate for our newest product launch while maintaining a pay-per-use plan.

When do the pricing changes go into effect? 

These changes will go into effect on Monday, October 2, 2023


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