About Vault

What is Vault?

Vault is our newest product which allows you to store your bank of Wills data, upload copies of all estate planning documents, information on who the representatives to the documents are and the location of each original document. All information is stored digitally online keeping information available to you 24/7 all while keeping your data secure.


What are the benefits of using Vault?

Our Vault product allows you to easily store client information, digital copies of Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trust Deeds, and any other estate planning documents, identify whether the document is current or revoked, the location of each original copy, and who the representatives are. Vault data is accessible online 24/7 and will keep your firm organized and information at your fingertips.


Is Vault secure?

Estateably has obtained its SOC 2 Type 2 Audit certification, underlining our commitment to the highest security standards.

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