Vault Plans

Is there a charge to use Vault?

Vault is included free with all organization plans. However, each plan has a max limit to the number of free vault records allowed. If you require additional vault records, you can move up to the next subscription plan. If you are on the Advance plan, you can add 500 additional Vault files at a cost of $30.00 per month.


What happens when I exceed my Vault limit on my plan?

If you have exceeded your Vault limit on your current plan, your Billing Administrator will have to move to the next available plan.


Why can I only purchase additional Vault records at the Advanced level?

If you are on any plan lower than Advanced, it is cheaper to move up a tier than pay for extra vault files. Contact your Billing Administrator to upgrade your plan.


What happens if I reach my limit of Vault records for Essentials and Core?

If you are on Essentials or Core and have reached the maximum limit of Vault records under these plans, you will need to move to the next pricing plan in order to unlock additional free Vault records. Contact your Billing Administrator to upgrade your plan.

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