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Can I get some training on how to use Vault efficiently?

Contact for assistance.


How do I link two spousal files to one another?

On the intake tab, select the marital status as either married or common law. Enter the spouse name in the spouse name field. Select the name from the drop down list and check Link Spouse File.


How do I go to the linked spouses file from the other spouses file?

Click on the Go to Linked File.


How do I unlink spouses files from one another?

Check the Link Spouses File Checkbox and click Proceed in the message.


Why do I need to enter my next Vault/Will Envelope/Pouch number?

If you assign Vault/Envelope or Pouch numbers to your Estate Planning files, you will need to enter the next available starting number in order for you to set up your autogenerate vault number.


I do not assign Vault/Will Envelope/Pouch numbers to my Estate Planning Files. Do I need to enter a Vault/Will Envelope/Pouch number?

No, there is no need for you to enter a Vault/Envelope or Pouch number.


How do I delete a Representative?

Click on the representative to be deleted in the list of Representatives, click on the ellipses, click delete and Proceed.


How do I delete a Document?

Click on the document to be deleted in the list of Documents, click on the ellipses, click delete and Proceed.


Can I open a document from the document list?

Yes, click on the paperclip icon under attachment in the list of documents.


How do I delete a supporting document I have previously attached?

Locate the document in the list, click on the document or click on the eclipses to edit the document, click on the X next to the document in the support document section.


Can I add more than one supporting document for each document type?

No, the idea behind the document list is to have one unique document associated with a document in the list. If you have created a new document for your client to replace an existing one, it may be good practice to mark the old documents revoked. This way you have a history of work you have done for your client. It is up to you to determine your best practices.

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