Notice to Creditors

Why do I need to publish a Notice to Creditors?

Notice to Creditors should be published on every estate file. If you do not advertise and a creditor comes forward after the estate has been distributed, the executor can be personally liable to the creditors.


How many times do I need to publish a Notice to Creditors?

Online Notices need to be published only once


Can I post Notices to Creditors in all provinces?

Posting Online Notice to Creditors is approved in Ontario and Saskatchewan.

We have seen a large number of notices published in other provinces. You should however consult a lawyer before publishing in any other provinces.


Is this Court approved?

The ON court has confirmed that publishing an online notice to creditors is an appropriate Notice to creditors and that executors are entitled to the liability protection provided by the Trustee Act.


How do I publish a notice to Creditors?

Simply go to to publish online or from the Estateably application simply click on Notice to Creditors in any estate file.


Do I need an Affidavit of Publication?

Affidavits of Publication is an optional purchase. We do however recommend that you purchase same as proof of your publication.


How will I receive the Affidavit of Publication?

Affidavits of Publication will be sent to you within 10 day of publication by email.

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