Who can create Task templates for my organization?

Any Estateably user with a role that is assigned the Management-level permissions of 'Task Templates' can create task templates for the organization. Any users assigned to the role of Team Manager, Team Director or Org Admin will by default have permission to create, update and delete the Task Templates for their organization. However, technically these permission can be granted or restricted to all roles if required.

Can I define one template to be used by different case types (i.e. estates and trusts and POA?)

No. for now one template applies to one file type. The main reason for this is that estates, trusts and POAs have different Phases defined for their respective task lists. So even if the same tasks apply to different file types, the phases in which those tasks occur are not the same so the templates cannot be shared. For now the system limits each template to one file type.

What task information can be pre-defined in the template?

When configuring a task template in Admin, the user can define the name of all included tasks, which Phase it will apply to (i.e. appear within), its Description, as well as a To-do List, and a link to another task which will determine the template task's Due Date. Task Status, Assignee and actual Due Date can only be managed at the file-level.

What happens if I delete a template from my org's list in admin?

If user deletes a template from your organization's task template list, the template cannot be added to any other files. Deleting the template from Administration, will not affect any existing files that previously had the template added to it.

If the task template details are updated in Admin, why don't I see the changes in my file?

When a task template has been inserted into a file, it is not actually linked to the original task template in Administration. If you make changes to a task template's details in your organization's Admin page, only files that select that template after the changes were made, will reflect the latest values of that template. Task templates are a tool to easily add custom tasks into the file but once they are added to the file, the inserted tasks are independent and will only be updated by editing the tasks directly in the file.

What to do if I no longer want a template to be available for users to add to files?

From Administration, a user with appropriate permissions can delete the task template so it cannot be added to any other files in the future. Any files that previously used this template would be unaffected.

Can different teams use the same templates?

Yes, multiple teams can share a template as long as the tasks and the tasks' corresponding phases are shared by all selected teams.

Which files can use the templates created by my org?

If the Task Template's defined File Type (Estates or Trusts) and Team match the file-in-context's File Type and Team, then users with permission to manage the file's task list can select from those templates and insert any into the file as required.

Who can use the templates created for your organization?

Within a given a file, anyone who has permission to manage the file's task list will have access to select/insert task templates from Admin.

Can I select the same template to be used by different case types (i.e. estates and trusts and POA?)

No; the system will only allow you to select templates where the file type matches the file type of the file-in-context. For now, a template can only be configured for one file type.

What if I want to insert the same template in the same file multiple times?

You can insert the same template into the same file multiple times if required. You would simply have to repeat the same steps to insert a template to a file, as many times as you wish to add the template's tasks to your file.

Can I add multiple templates into my file at once?

Yes, when inserting a template into a file you can mult-select as many templates as you wish. Simply check the checkboxes that appear to the right of each template available for selection. When you select more than 1 template, all included tasks will be inserted to the file.



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