Proposed Distributions

Proposed Distributions provides users with a summary of what is left to distribute to both residuary and legacy beneficiaries.

The list takes into account both specific and general bequests, as well as entitlement to the remaining residual value. Additionally, the Total Values dynamically updates whenever the estate residue changes and distributions occur.



The proposed distribution report shows the following:

  • Cory, Angel, Angela and Bob each receiving 25% of the estate residue.
  • Bob receiving the 2005 Ford vehicle as a bequest (market value of $11,000).
  • Based on the combined values of Bob's residual entitlement and specific entitlement, minus the value of what has already been distributed, the total value of his remaining gift is $350,772.24.

You can generate a shareable report of the proposed distribution using the Reports tab in the top-right corner.


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