Forms and Letters

General information

Forms and Letters is a dedicated section where you can find a library of forms and template letters. Documents are categorized in their respective folders, and you can also locate specific templates using the search bar.

Any form or letter generated in this section has a copy replicated to the Documents section.


How to Generate Forms

  1. Locate the form you would like to generate.

  2. To create the form, review the details on the page, and click Generate in the lower-right corner.

    If you've created the document before, but have made changes in the Intake, Contacts, or Inventory sections since, ensure you follow these steps rather than accessing the file from Documents. Then, your updates will be pulled into the form.

  3. Once you've generated your form, it will be saved in the Documents section of the app and auto-downloaded onto your computer.

  4. If you wish to download multiple files at once, click Bulk Export in the top-right side of the page. You can then check off the documents you'd like to download, and it will generate a .zip file.



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