Creating a New File (Overview Video)

NOTE: If you are creating a new file from Clio, please view the linked video instead.

Onboarding Wizard Details:

The configuration wizard guides the user through the steps in capturing key information so that the system can configure and setup the file.

Jurisdictional Selection

Select the region in question.

Upload Death Certificate

The system can store key documents related to the estate. The user can skip this step and can upload the document at a later time.

Deceased's Information

Enter the deceased's information within the modal. It is mandatory to add the deceased's name, as well as a date of death value. The other information is optional for file creation.

Information entered to this section can be modified at anytime within the Overview.

Social Insurance Number

This is an optional field and can be skipped if not applicable. 

Last Will and Testament

If there is a will and the user has the document, the user can click "Yes" to upload the document. If not, the user can click "No", indicating that there is not a will.  Click "Skip" if there is a will, however, you do not have the document to upload at this time.

Marital Status

Select the marital status of the deceased from the dropdown list. You will be able to enter further details on spousal status/information as needed after file creation.

Checklist / Retainer

The dropdown will provide the out-of-the-box task lists that are available within the application.

If your firm has implemented a custom task list, you can select it from the list as well.

Executor Information

Enter the executor details listed within the modal. The user can modify this information at any given time within the Contacts section.

Note: The ability to add multiple executors is available within the file. This is located within the Contacts section.

Final steps

The next step in the wizard is to review the information previously entered. You can modify any information at this time or within the file.

Click "Confirm" and the system will create the file.


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