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Overview Details:

Default section opened when opening an existing file, as well as after creating a file through the wizard. 

Deceased Information

A user can view the deceased information within the overview section. You can modify or view the full information by clicking on the pencil icon. You can update the deceased’s names, address, SIN, marital status, date of birth and date of death from this screen.


Task deadlines are displayed in this sub-section.


4 uncompleted tasks are displayed within the task overview section. 


The documents section highlights key documents that have been uploaded to the file. 


Additionally, a user can leave Notes within the Notes section.

  • Once the note is entered, click "Add Note" to submit the note.

A user can tag a user within a note by typing @ and the user's name in question. It will also send them an email notification with that note.

The File Activity section is an automated log of all key activities that occur within a file. This includes notes, adding inventory items, transactions, and distributions.

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