Adding Beneficiaries (Overview Video)


Beneficiary Details:

We’ll find the Beneficiaries under the Contacts section.

To access the Beneficiaries module, navigate to the Contacts section in the left hand menu, then click on Beneficiary at the top-left of the screen.



You can add a new beneficiary by clicking on the button Add new at the top right corner of the screen.

If it is the first beneficiary added you will need to specify beforehand the allocation setting for residual beneficiaries, either fraction or percentage. This can be modified afterwards.

Legacy type

Specify whether the beneficiary is entitled to a share of the residue, or only to a specific gift.

Note: If a beneficiary is entitled to both, enter them as Residual; residual beneficiaries can also receive specific legacies.


Enter the Beneficiary's full legal name. If necessary, there is a space to record another name if they are referred to with a different name in the will.


If the beneficiary is entitled to a share of the residue, the system will prompt to enter the portion.  If they value is not available within the dropdown, the user can click into the field, and manually type the value. 

Beneficiary type

If they are a family member, select the family member type directly below.

Note: If the beneficiary is an individual, the user will be prompted to confirm if they are a minor or incapable. 

Additional details

Enter the beneficiary's email address, phone number, SIN, and date of birth. If they are predeceased, enter their date of death.

They will also have to confirm if they beneficiary is being served (or, in some regions, whether the beneficiary can be accounted for). If they are not, enter "No" and add the associated reasoning.

Next, enter the beneficiary’s mailing address. Start typing directly into the first field, and the system will provide autocomplete suggestions for the address.

Cash Bequest

If applicable, enter the value of the cash gift that they are entitled to.

Money Owed to the Deceased

If a residual beneficiary owed money to the deceased, and that money should be deducted from their residual share (in what is referred to as a hotchpot clause), the user can enter the amount. Otherwise, if it is a regular loan, that amount should be entered in the deceased inventory.

Legal representation

In response to the prompt "Does this person have a legal representative?", select "Yes" if they have a lawyer, a parent or a guardian legally representing them. You will then be able to enter the representative’s details. 

Saving and editing beneficiaries

Click "Save" once all the information has been entered. The record should now appear within the list of beneficiaries.

Once a record has been added, the user can navigate to the three dot menu to Edit an existing beneficiary. The user also has the ability to make a beneficiary into an executor. This will create an executor populated with the relevant information (mailing address, full name, etc.) already added for the beneficiary.

Finally, the user has the option to duplicate a beneficiary from the three-dot menu. This will copy all the beneficiary's details to a new contact record, minus their name. Then, you can make any necessary changes to the duplicate record prior to saving.

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