Distributions (Overview Video)

To access this module, click into the file and then select Distributions within the left hand menu.

To-Date Distribution:

This is where users can log cash or in-kind distributions to beneficiaries.

Distribute Cash

Select the date at which the distribution was made, as well as the estate account that was debited. Select the Beneficiary and input an amount. If the distribution is a legacy or gift, select the Bequest option. Next, the user can select the associate account (capital or revenue). You can also choose to exclude this transaction from the executor compensation calculation.

Distribute Item

Select the date at which the distribution was made, the inventory item in question, as well as its current market value. The inventory item can be distributed to multiple beneficiaries. The share entered can never exceed 100%.


Using the reports tab in the top-right corner, the user can generate:

  • Distributions Made To-Date
  • Ledger Proposed Distributions
  • Proposed Interim Distributions 

Proposed Distribution: 

A user can view what each beneficiary is entitled to receive as of today, based on the current residual value of the estate.

This can also be generated into a report using the reports tab in the top-right corner.

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