Overview of the platform

In this test drive, you will be able to explore the following functionalities in Estateably:

  1. Case creation: how our initial file creation can save you time down the road.
  2. Intake form: details about the file needed to file for probate.
  3. Contacts: how to add beneficiaries, executors, and others.
  4. Inventory: logging items from the deceased’s final inventory.
  5. Generating forms and letters: pulling information from the app into the necessary court forms and precedents.
  6. Estate accounting: logging transactions to leverage in one-click reporting.
  7. Distributions: logging cash and item distributions from the estate to beneficiaries.
  8. One-click accounting reports: full automated reports generated based on estate transactions and executor compensation.

Review the mock file applicable to your region, and return to the Product Walkthrough document for next steps.

Don't have the Product Walkthrough guide? Contact support@estateably.com for more information.


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