Distribute Items

How to distribute items in-kind

Follow the steps below to distribute items to beneficiaries from the Distributions section.

  1. Select the Distribute Item button to record distributions from the Inventory to a Beneficiary or Beneficiaries.
  2. Enter the date of the transaction (by default, it will be the day of.)
  3. Choose the Item Type as it is listed in the Inventory. Once you've done this, the dropdown will allow you to select the asset to be distributed.
  4. Upon selecting the asset, the current market value will be suggested based on the current value entered to the Inventory. You can adjust this as necessary.
  5. Choose whether the distribution will come from the Capital or Revenue/Income accounts. 
  6. Select the beneficiary that will receive the item. Once you do, a Transaction Name will be suggested for you.
  7. If the item has been allocated to multiple beneficiaries, choose "+ Add Beneficiary" to enter others. By default, the allocation will be split evenly. However, you can use the Allocation Type field to specify the percentage/fraction each beneficiary will receive.
  8. If the value of the transaction is being excluded from the executor/trustee compensation, you can indicate this by checking off the box.
  9. Hit "Save." Note that once you've added the distribution, the transaction will automatically be logged, and the item will be marked as "Realized" in the inventory.
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