Changes I made in Word are not reflected in Estateably

If you've downloaded a document and made changes through Word, it is normal that the changes are not reflected in Estateably.

This is because once you download the document, it now exists outside of the platform and is saved within your computer's storage. 

If you want your changes to be viewable in Estateably, you can start by saving your changes to the document (ideally, with a name that indicates that it is the final copy.)

Then, open Estateably and go to Documents in the left-hand side menu. Select "Upload" in the top-right corner. Screen_Shot_2022-02-07_at_5.00.14_PM.png

You can either drag and drop the updated document into Estateably, or click Select Files to open your File Explorer and locate the document. Next, hit Upload.

Once you've uploaded your edited file, you or any collaborators on the file will be able to view it from the Documents section.

Next steps

If you are still having difficulties, please create a support ticket by emailing, or wait for a response if you've already created one.

If you've created a support ticket but solved your issue using this article, please let us know by responding to the follow-up email.

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