I need to add details on a spouse for certain forms

To record details on a spouse, former spouse, or partner, you can add them as beneficiaries (even if they are not entitled to a bequest or residual gift.)

In Contacts, click Add New and begin adding details about the individual. Specify that their Relationship Type is Family Member. This will reveal a field labeled Family Member Type, and you can select the option that best describes their relationship to the deceased.


If the individual is entitled to the residue or a bequest, you can enter the appropriate details for them as you would any other beneficiary.

However, if they are not entitled to a gift from the estate, you can either mark them as a residual beneficiary and set their allocation to 0%, or make them a legacy beneficiary with an entitlement of $0.

Thus, they will not be entitled to any distributions, but their information will be pulled into the relevant forms.

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