I am unable to edit an Inventory item


Once an item is marked as Realized, you will no longer be able to edit/remove it within the Inventory. Specific circumstances are as follows:

  • You've liquidated an asset, or paid off a liability.
  • You've distributed an asset in-kind for an estate.
  • In the case of a bank account or cash on-hand, you've transferred its holdings/value into an estate account.
  • In the case of a deceased bank account, you've selected "Manage" to record specific transactions within the account that have taken place after the deceased's passing.

However, you may need to make changes after the fact. This is possible by removing the transaction that realized the item.

To make changes, you can access Accounting, and locate the relevant transaction. Then, click the three-dot menu, and choose "Delete" in the drop-down.


Once you return to the Inventory section, the options to edit or remove the item will no longer be greyed. You can recreate the transaction once you've saved your changes.

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