Can I link accrued interest to a specific bank account?

Note: this feature is available for jurisdictions outside of Ontario.

Before you've created the bank account

In the Inventory, start by clicking Add New to create an item. Select the asset type Deceased Bank Accounts.

Once you've entered all the details for the account, you have the option of clicking Add Accrued Interest in the top-right to automatically create an associated interest amount.


Ensure that as you add the details of the accrued interest that the bank account number remains in the Description field. This is what links the account to the interest.

After you've created the associated bank account

If you've already created the bank account and now need to associate it to accrued interest, click the Add New button in the Inventory section. Create an Asset of the type Accrued Interest.

Then, add the associated value and details of the interest. In the Description field, ensure to enter the exact contents of the bank's Account Number field. The best practice would be to copy this information from the Account Number field, and paste it directly to the Description field to make sure it's a match. This will link the interest to a specific account in the Inventory. 

Next steps

If you are still having difficulties, please create a support ticket by emailing, or wait for a response if you've already created one.

If you've created a support ticket but solved your issue using this article, please let us know by responding to the follow-up email.


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