In the Intake module, you can enter basic information about the file that will be used in various Forms and Letters for the trust.

Note: If you haven't saved the Intake prior to creating forms, you may find that your documents do not generate properly. Even if the Intake isn't completed in its entirety, it's worth it to fill what you can and hit Save in the lower-right corner before starting the file.

Firm details

  1. Your internal file number
  2. Lawyer's LSO number (if applicable to your jurisdiction)
  3. Lawyer's phone number
  4. Lawyer's email address
  5. Lawyer's fax (optional)

Information about the Settlor

  1. Gender of the settlor
  2. Whether or not there were any AKAs: if you select "Yes", additional fields will appear so you can enter them

Residence and Occupation

  1. Enter the Settlor's City of Residence, as well as the County/District.
  2. Occupation of Settlor.

Next steps

Once you have completed the Intake, click Save in the lower-right corner.

You can return to the Intake to add or change information at any time. Once you've done this, ensure to click "Update" in the lower-right corner to save any changes.

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