Adding a new beneficiary

To access the beneficiaries tab, navigate to the Contacts section in the left hand menu.  Click on the beneficiary tab at the top left of the screen:


Within the beneficiary screen, the user can add a beneficiary by clicking on "Add New".

Interest: confirm whether it is a vested indefeasibly, contingent or future interest

Entitlement: confirm whether it is a capital, revenue or both capital and revenue entitlement

Enter the following information:

  • Full name
  • Name they were referred to as in the trust deed (optional; you can leave this field blank if their current legal name is used in the trust deed)
  • If they are able to encroach on the capital
  • Relation to settlor
  • Email, phone and mailing address

Editing an existing beneficiary

Once a record has been added, the user can navigate to the three-dot menu to edit or remove an existing beneficiary.

The user also has the ability to make a beneficiary into a trustee. This will copy the beneficiary's record to the Trustee's section.

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