How does pricing work for Trusts?

General information

Trusts are billed on a per-file basis (the exact fee is determined by your account's pricing tier.)

Once you confirm the preliminary details of the trust, the file will be charged to your card on file, and your billing contact will receive an invoice and a receipt for the transaction.

The fee will be charged on an annual basis on the anniversary of the trust.

Pausing payments on inactive files

If the trust file will be inactive for a year or more, you can use the three-dot menu next to the file to archive it.


This will pause the annual charges. While your information will be saved, it will not be accessible during the archive period.

Whenever you're ready, you can access the Archive tab and use the three-dot menu to restore the file.

A charge will come through for the file, and the restore date will be considered its new anniversary.




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