Manually update the Adjusted Cost Base (ACB)

From the Inventory section, if you select View Holdings for an account that contains holdings, you will land on the Holdings List page. To manually edit the holding’s ACB, click on the ellipsis menu beside the holding to be edited, and select Edit the Adjusted Cost Base.





When the system displays the new Edit Adjusted Cost Base modal, you can enter the required details such as Date, Adjusted Cost Base per Unit, and Report Transaction As. Enter the Adjusted Cost Base per Unit expressed in the base currency of the case.

Picture 4.jpg



When user clicks Save, the system will create an associated transaction in the Accounting section to reflect the action of user editing the ACB. The following accounting reports will use the latest adjusted cost base value to calculate the profit or loss for current holdings.

  • Statement of Accounts
  • Informal Accounting
  • Holdings report


Note: This new feature applies to Canadian organizations only (based on the average cost accounting method). We will deliver the equivalent functionality for U.S organizations (considering FIFO accounting method) in the coming months.

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