Overview of the Documents section

The documents section serves as a repository for all files uploaded during case file creation, uploaded to tasks, generated via the “Forms and Letters” section, or uploaded ad hoc directly within the documents section.


Documents will include any documents uploaded during case file creation or directly to tasks.

Viewing documents

To view a document, scroll through the list and click on it. .DOCX documents have to be downloaded first, while PDF can be displayed in the application:


The document will now appear while collapsing the list view. From this screen you can download or print the document. To close the document being viewed, click on the “X”.

Updating documents

If you've downloaded a document and made edits to it in Word, your changes will be saved on your computer (and therefore, not reflected in the Documents section.)

To ensure your updated file is saved in the platform, you will need to you will need to use the Upload files button in the top-right corner. Then, locate and select your updated document.

Once you reupload the document, you will be able to access your changes in Estateably.

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